Yuu Duffy, he is that guy.

If there is one thing you need to know about Yuu Duffy, it is that his outgoing and dedicated attitude comes from his love for connecting with the student body and making everyone excited to be at Wilson just as much as he is. While this trumpet-playing, cross-country running, Associated Student Body (ASB) member might be tired by the end of the day, the friendships he has made across his extracurriculars are what allow him to do it all.  

   As a team captain of Wilson’s cross country team, the third-year varsity runner has learned the importance of fully devoting himself to the sport to uplift those around him. 

“Dedication and being there for your teammates and being able to step up and execute whenever needed,” Duffy shares, are things he knows have taken the team to run at the state level during his sophomore year and cultivate a collectively uplifting team. By always checking in on his teammates and adding to Coach Gomez’s pep talks are ways he has stepped into the role previous upperclassmen held when he was a new Wilson runner. 

But his day does not end there. Every Tuesday and Thursday, after a cross country workout, Duffy can be seen running across campus from Mr. Gomez’s room to the football field to practice with the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) to prepare for their next competition or that Friday’s home football game. 

  Duffy’s passion for learning how to play the trumpet started in middle school, so by the time he came to Wilson, he knew he wanted to continue in it for a few more years. 

 “[The best part of it] is being able to do something I like with people who also enjoy it. Because marching band is such a time-consuming thing, you are with the same people for a while, so you get to make good bonds with them.”

Starting off the competition season strong, Duffy and his fellow band members outstandingly placed first in the 4A division, which he says is determined by size. 

Duffy became a member of ASB at the start of the school year, taking the lead on the Rallies, Activities, and Sound commissioner groups within ASB. Part of this involves always making sure there is music to match the energy and keep the students’ spirits up at every school activity.

Having joined ASB at the start of the school year, Yuu shares how rewarding his completing hard work with the people around him is for the effort he puts into every aspect of his life.

“[So far, the best experiences in ASB have been] being able to work late to make sure that things go right and definitely seeing the things that you want to go right, go right, is definitely very rewarding with all the hours we put in, and satisfying the student body,” Duffy shares, helps it pay off.

By devoting 100% of himself to the most physically demanding activities Wilson has to offer, three Advanced Placement courses, and campus clubs like Ecobuds, Dude Be Nice, and Key Club, Duffy shares how adapting to such a busy schedule has started. 

 “My classes this year are definitely more intensive, filling bigger roles this year does require more energy. I think the classes themselves are not hard, it is just the way the teachers have their style that is not as forgiving as they used to be.”

  Yet through it all, Duffy maintains an active, excitied mindset through it all to just have fun through everything he does.

“Most of my energy comes from the adrenaline from being around people because…spending a lot of time with friends just brings the energy out of me to have enough to take me far. Once I get home, I sleep.”

  Getting involved and taking up more leadership roles this year, Duffy shares that it has been made possible by his family and the people who make the time commitments worth it. 

“My parents and family have definitely been the biggest help. They are always helping me when I forget something at home and are always willing to drive something to help me out with whatever I have to do. And being able to create memories with my friends [gives me something to look forward to].” 

Duffy also recharges by spending time with his friends and playing video games in his free time. 

While reflecting on the many things he devotes his time into, Duffy recalls how important it is to make friends in everything he does.

“People…throughout high school and the memories you create [with them] really do carry on with you and the connections you make do help out in life. Treat people the way you want to be treated and be that sunlight when there isn’t a sun.”

Duffy hopes to attend a good college and wants people to say, “‘Oh, he went here,’ and people respond, ‘Wow, that’s a very good college.’” But no matter where Duffy goes, it is certain that he will continue to impact the people around him in ways he already has so deeply here at Wilson. 

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