YDSA meets to discuss pressing topics on today’s society and enlighten students on world issues

The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) hosted a meeting to educate members about socialist feminism and sex work on Feb. 17.

The club aims to enlighten society’s youth about politics and other pressing topics in order to build a future run by well-informed individuals. By spreading awareness about the problems rooted in this calamitous world and initiating plans to combat them, the student-run organization is able to successfully lead students in making America a better place.

According to chair member senior Trey Cook, all members are provided with leadership positions in the club so that everyone is actively participating.

“Everyone has a leadership role [in the club.] We try to get all our members involved because our [priority] is creating organizers and leaders that are able to take stances on the [many issues] that surround us,” Cook said..

In the words of treasurer junior Jacob Ramos, the club ensures that the material taught at meetings is appropriate and that steps are taken to resolve any complications.

“We [always] make sure that disclaimers are given when [sensitive] topics are touched upon. [Plus,] we never have had any [significant] conflicts in the past, and if we did, the club would just vote on resolutions to solve the underlying issues,” Ramos said.

As stated by member senior Jasmine Saldano, attending the meetings allowed her to be more involved in our society’s matters.

“I definitely feel more involved in the issues that currently [plague] our country,” Saldano stated. “This club is one of the only places where I am able to [encounter] real-world problems, so I am [glad to be here].”

YDSA will host their next meeting about “Medicare For All” on Feb. 24.

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