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Wrestling dominates over Gladstone HS

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 On Tuesday, Dec. 12, co-ed wrestling defeated Gladstone HS with a final score of 48-21.

 Throughout the match, wrestlers managed to keep consistent winning streaks, which contributed to their win. Individual wins made up the team’s final score, which determined their ultimate victory.

 According to co-captain Sarah Limon (10), the support she felt from her team gave her the strength to win, which boosted the team’s overall score.

 “[Before the match], I felt nervous, because I did not want to let my team down,” Limon said. “[However], with the support from my teammates, I felt motivated and ready to win my match.”

 Overall, coach Jonathan Garza is pleased with the results but knows that he must continue pushing his team.

 “I am [proud] of the hard work and dedication [everyone] has been putting in since the [beginning] of the season,” Garza said. “[Even though] we won, there is still more work to do to get ready for league finals and CIF individuals.”

 Despite the victory, wrestler Hugo Hernandez (11) is determined to work harder and fix his mistakes so that he wins future individual matches.

 “Although I put up a [good] fight and did not go down easily, I think I could have fought harder during my match,” Hernandez said. “Moving forward, I hope to have more intense training, such as wrestling guys who are bigger and stronger than me, so that I can be ready for any [opponent].”

 Wrestling’s next match will be away at Bell Gardens HS on Tuesday, Dec. 19.


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