Workshop to Educate Future Business Leaders


 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended its annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI) from Oct. 27 to 28.

 LDI is a conference where FBLA members can network with others, learn about future competitions and take part in business-related workshops.  

 According to co-advisor Leo Chang, LDI allows FBLA members to practice communication skills.

 “[LDI allows participants] to  communicate with business leaders and  students from other high schools and practice their [networking] skills,” said Chang.

 Furthermore, co-president senior Katie Kyan explains the valuable experience that LDI provides for attendees.

 “It is important for new members to [understand] FBLA and its events,” Kyan said. “The fact that [FBLA] members were able to [attend] and be a part of this experience was really cool.”

 In addition, member sophomore Emily Tran explains how the workshops influenced her decision about which event to compete in.

 “[Originally], I was thinking about [competing in] a written test [event],” Tran said. “[However], I really liked the Client Service workshops, so I [might consider] a simulation test [like Client Services].”

 FBLA’s next event is the Section Leadership Conference on Feb. 9.

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