Ashley Ko (12)

What is Science Olympiad?

“Science Olympiad is a competitive science program in which students can compete in twenty-three different events that range across a wide variety of disciplines including biology, engineering, physics, and chemistry.” 

What are some of your experiences in Science Olympiad?

“I started Science Olympiad my freshman year and I have been competing ever since on the varsity team. It has been really fun and I have made a lot of friends!  When we compete, we get to travel and visit many different college campuses, and it is an amazing experience overall.”

What do you feel about the members this year?

I like all the members this year, and this year we have a lot more. We used to be a really small team but since more than fifty have signed up this year, it feels more complete and I am very happy that more and more people are joining such an amazing team.”” 

What is your favorite classical music?

“My favorite composer would be Beethoven, because his music is very calming and I just like how basic of a composer he is.”

What is your favorite subject?

“My favorite subject is science, specifically biology because I am really interested in how the human body works.  I also want to become a pediatrician, so science is something I am really interested in.”

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Rocelyn Lee(12)

What is your responsibility as vice captain of Science Olympiad?

“I am in charge of recruitment, so I often help with advertising and reaching out to others as well as organizing the new members and assigning them tasks.”

What is some advice you could give to new members as  vice captain?

“Do not rush into events, make sure to study hard, put in more hours than required, and remember to do the topics you want to do, not the topics your friends want to do.

What do people gain from joining Science Olympiad?

“You can learn a lot more than you can in normal classrooms and it also helps you study for your various science classes, especially if you are hoping for a STEM major.”

What type of cuisine do you enjoy the most?

“I like Italian cuisine, for no particular reason, Italian just happens to have  the same food items that I like.”

If you can relive a single moment of your past, when would it be? 

Probably every moment I have been sleeping, since I like sleeping.”

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Cameron Tran (9)

How did  you end up  joining Science Olympiad?

I did Science Olympiad in the past. It is a team where you can learn, have fun, and hang out with your friends.”

How do you balance Science Olympiad  with your school life?

“Science Olympiad is [manageable] because when I get home from practice, I still have the time to [do the things I need and want to do].”

What impact does Science Olympiad have on your life?

“It makes me feel smarter, it is something that I look forward to especially the competitions and school trips. Science Olympiad often requires a lot of time, but it [is worth it at the end of the day].”

What is your favorite dessert?

“Kerama soup, it is a good combination of all sweet and moist things that I like.”

What is your favorite sport?

“I am not athletic [and that is why] I do not like any sport. [I feel that] it takes too much time and money [while] I only like academics.” 


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Justin Xu (11)

What is Science Olympiad to you?

“Science Olympiad is a big time commitment , but I enjoy spending time there, it is really fun learning about new things that I did not know before. Science Olympiad  is a part of my life that I do not want to lose.”

If Science Olympiad was discontinued, how would you feel?

“It is kind of bittersweet, I do not have that specific motivation to just spend time learning new things and study science, then again if it is canceled I would have a lot more free time.”

What do you do as a member of a Science Olympiad?

“I conduct a lot of research for biology and astronomy, but it is different for other people. I also do encryptions and decryptions of ciphers.”

What is your favorite form of entertainment?

“Television shows, cause they take longer to finish than books and so they entertain me for a longer period of time.” 

Tea or juice?

“Juice, because tea is bitter and juice is just [better tasting]. The only tea I would be [willing to drink] is green tea.”

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Elizabeth Leung (9)

What are your expectations in joining Science Olympiad?

“I expect everyone to be very serious about what they are working on, [contrary to middle school], where most people were just goofing off all the time.”

How is it like in Science Olympiad?

“Science Olympiad is really interesting. There are times where it gets really hard, but when you have friends doing the same things as you, it becomes easier.”

What do you hope to accomplish in Science Olympiad?

“I hope to make it into the A team eventually, and go to many regional and state competitions. I also hope to be captain in my senior year.”

What kind of dogs do you like the most?

“I love small dogs, [such as] Pomeranians and chihuahuas.”

Who is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher right now is my biology teacher, Ms. Chap. She teaches my favorite subject, and is a really calm teacher who is really good at listening to us.”



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