Winter Sports rally commemorates each of the sports successful seasons

Glen A. Wilson hosted the annual winter sports rally once again to end the winter sports season off with a bang on Feb. 3.

The winter rally included a variety of dances from varsity sports such as boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ soccer, and boys’ water polo.

The event took place at the amphitheater during lunch in which interviews were done asking the Winter sports captains some fun questions. 

Senior ASB member Emily Rodiles shares the process of putting together a festivity like this.

“It is always super fun to work with sports and write the script. We have separate commissioner groups within ASB that have different jobs so the work is distributed pretty evenly”, Rodiles explained. “Our public group handles the backdrop, our rallies group writes the script, and activities help with games and providing choreographers for the teams who are dancing. We tried to include every winter sport. So even though boys soccer and wrestling did not dance they still got interviewed.”

ASB certainly got the job done with finding choreographers for the dances as they were spectacular!

Senior varsity basketball player Darren Gittisriboongul talks about the process of learning the dance and the excitement the rally brings that ends the season with a good attitude. 

“Our team has been practicing since last week during lunch for our dance. We had multiple sections for different songs and we had to work on formations so the team did not get lost. It was a fun way to bring all of the winter sports together and wrap up all of our seasons,” said Gittisriboongul.

Lastly, freshman soccer player Gianna Furlan explains the efforts girls’ soccer had to make the dance perfect and the time it took to be sure that they were on the right track.

“We all were really focused on trying to get it to look good since we did not want to get made fun of, though we had a lot of fun doing it together as well,” explained Furlan. “It never got ‘perfected’ since we only had 2 weeks to learn it but it got done pretty quickly so I would say it was maybe a week and a half until we fully finished the whole dance.”

ASB’s next event will be Mr. Wilson on Mar. 17. Be sure to look out for more information and tickets.

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