Winter Percussion Launches Competitive Season


 Winter Percussion competed in its first competition of the year on Saturday, Feb. 2.

 The band performed its show,  entitled “Lighthouse,” and placed third in its division, with a score of 52. Three other schools had intended to compete in the band’s division; however, one of the schools dropped out due to the heavy rain. Additional schools in other divisions also dropped out.

 As bass drum player junior Alexis Chernin explains, the low turnout of competitors negatively affected the show.

 “We had to wait for [an extra ten minutes], because so many other bands had canceled [due to the rain],” Chernin said. “We were [given] a long wait time at the [competition], so we were anxiously grooving on the stage.”

 After the performance, drumline section leader junior Nicholas Navarro identified problems that occurred during the show.

 “Overall, we need to improve our marching and playing, because it is still very new to us,” Navarro said. “[During the show], there were some mishaps: someone started a little bit early and someone else did not get their sticks in time. [These are all] minor complications [that we need to fix].”

 However, band director Rich Torres still has high hopes for the future of this program.

 “I am hoping that every time they perform and compete, they [become even] better and put out more of the show,” Torres said. When they competed on Saturday, they did not [perform] a large [section of the routine], so I am hoping that in a couple of weeks, they are able to perform more and better understand the music.”

 Winter Percussion’s next competition is at Monrovia HS on Sunday, Feb. 17.


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