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Wilson’s track team prepares for their sprints meet

Glen A. Wilson’s track team will hold a track meet for sprints on Mar. 10.

The competitors will have to compete with other schools in sprint distances less than 400 meters. Sprints are usually shorter running distances, which differs from long-distance running.

Captain and coach Nicky Bo (12) shares some routines the team goes through before competing.

“Routines we go through is the main warm-up lap at the start of the meet, in which we test out the feeling of the track,” Bo said. “Then around half an hour before the specific races, I have groups go and warm up so that people are warming up.”

Bo also mentions some tips he has for the junior varsity track members.

“The biggest advice to the JV track members is to not panic,” he said. “As a sprinter, if we are trying to run at 110% speed you will really go 70% speed and just be extra tired. Especially in the short races, focus on yourself and focus on your form. Correct form increases speed, but trying harder does not increase speed. And above all, try to have fun with it.”

Moreover, varsity member Joshua Beltran (12) mentions some pre-game routines he does before starting the meet.

“To prepare for the meet I am drinking lots of water and trying not to eat anything heavy,” Beltran said. “I am also working on my running form and handoffs with the baton for the relay race.”

As a new member of the team, Skylar Fan (9) has many thoughts about making progress through the track season.

“Although, I will not be able to attend tomorrow’s meet because I forgot to sign up for the events with my coach,” Fan said. “But I was looking forward to seeing the progress I made after training since late January and learning from other competitors in the meet. But for now, I will be working towards my next meet.”

The track team hopes to do well during Thursday’s meet and continue the success for the rest of the spring season.

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