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Wilson’s Science Olympiad program kicks off the year with an exploration camp

Glen A. Wilson’s Science Olympiad program is off to a great start only four weeks into the school year with the exploration camp held on Aug. 25th and 26th to discuss the annual events one can look forward to this upcoming year!

The exploration camp held in the media center is to help students who would like to venture into the world of Science Olympiad have a better understanding of the fun events that they could participate in!

Senior captain Jennifer Yang describes one new event that was added this year, Scrambler! 

“I’m very excited to compete in this event as it is new for me and will certainly be a fun challenge”.

During the event of scrambler, students will build a miniature vehicle where they will attach an egg to it with the goal of not cracking it as they drive their creation as close to a wall as possible. Crack it? The team is disqualified or points get taken off.

Scrambler will no doubt be a favorite this year however, there are 23 other events as well which can help a student gravitate towards something they are interested in more easily.  

“There are a lot of events to choose from! For example, there’s, anatomy, physiology, code busters, engineering, lab,  hybrid, etc,” said Yang. 

Senior member Ethan Lee expressed that, “Science Olympiad is a family and students who are interested can expect to become a part of this family. Although we have a fair share of work, we make sure to have fun and bond in between. I myself have made a lot of friends and good memories through Science Olympiad. I hope to see many new faces join us!”

As Junior Member Emily Chang says, “Personally, I’m really looking forward to Cell Biology, Rocks and Minerals, Write It Do It, and Forestry this year.” 

It gives way to a student’s interests when they can pick from a large variety of amazing events.

Though the fun events are a  plus to the extra curriculum, you may be asking yourself, but why should I join?

Science Olympiad plans on visiting many great places this year as well! From Las Vegas to the University of California Davis and the University of California Berkeley, students who join are definitely in for a good treat competing against some of the top students.

If you did not get a chance to attend the exploration camp meeting, no worries there are plenty more to come with our amazing Wilson students.

Science Olympiads members are loud and proud about the amazing program here and plan for tryouts to happen on Oct. 8th.

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