Wilson’s Science Olympiad places at UC Berkeley competition

Ranking 4th out of 60 participating teams, Glen A. Wilson High School’s (GAWHS) Science Olympiad team advances in competition with spirit and consistency!

Competing in 23 events at the invitational competition held at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), GAWHS Science Olympiad team is divided into smaller competing groups of two to three competitors that competed in subjects ranging from biology to engineering. Based on the scores in the 23 events, points are awarded to the school team and schools are ranked based on their overall score — and GAWHS rose to the top.

Reflecting on the preparation efforts that took the team to victory, captain Jennifer Yang (12) reveals the team’s consistent commitment behind the scenes.

“As always, our team has practices two times a week for three hours [each],” Yang explained. “[And] builders, or competitors of the engineering event, stayed at school at night to test our devices; we also studied after practices.”

Moreover, in spite of the achievement at hand, members of the GAWHS Science Olympiad team seek further improvement to refine the team’s performance.

Cabinet member Elizabeth Leung (12) talks about the team’s reaction to the results of the  UC Berkeley invitational competition.

“The only teams that beat us were the Northern California schools — I am really proud of our team,” Leung remarked. “But I know some people were unsatisfied with the score as I am, we are striving to do better and push ourselves to new heights.”

Last but not least, as the team moves onto more competitive rounds, first-year team member Braden Kim (9) shares his hope for the team.

“There is obviously still room for improvement, but everyone did really well in this tournament,” Kim commented. “And hopefully we continue to do better!”

Fueled by dedication and eminent passion, GAWHS Science Olympiad team is the symbolic embodiment of curiosity and discipline, ready to take on any challenge or obstacle that may arise. So as they shoot for the stars in upcoming tournaments — cheer on, Science Olympiad!


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