Wilson’s Robotics team brings home the win at the Diamond Bar Robotics competition

“Once again, the Robotics team of Glen A. Wilson has achieved the highest score.”

The Glen A. Wilson’s robotics team, Alpha Genesis, competed in a robotics competition at Diamond Bar high school on Feb. 26. The team had a successful but very close match. The team barely won, scoring 147 points to 146 during the final round.

Senior Member Kevin Xiong explains what they did the best that gave them the highest score.

“Our team did an excellent job. Everyone was working hard. I only watched some games since I was at our booth answering judging questions. I am impressed by how well the new members could think on the spot and come up with answers,” says Xiong

Furthermore, junior member Eastan Oo reflects on what they learned and how they will improve in the next competition. 

“In terms of our robot, we are trying to fix minor errors to perform better during games. For instance, we are currently reiterating our odometry pods to better sense our robot position so that we optimize our robot, and make our autonomous program more consistent,” explained Oo. “And with regards to outreach, as we work to broaden our reach, we attempt to hold international outreaches in addition to doing more for our local community.”

Finally, new freshman member Lucy Liu explains the multiple rewards that they received. 

“There is not really a definitive score, but we did make it to the finals and our alliance won. Our team overall placed 1st for Think Award, 3rd Design, 2nd Connect, and 2nd Inspire,” says Liu.

Alpha Genesis’ Team 1 will continue in their robotics league, with their next tournament scheduled to be at  Monrovia High School on Mar. 11.


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