Wilson’s robotics team AlphaGenesis advances into World Championships

Glen A. Wilson’s AlphaGenesis robotic team has qualified for the World competitions!

AlphaGenesis competed at Monrovia High School in a regional competition on Mar. 12. Their impressive efforts landed them various awards among their respective categories and punched them a ticket to the robotics World Championships.

Head advisor, Shirley Young, reflected on the team’s performance this past Saturday.

“We are like a family. Everyone holds each other accountable and understands the end goal we want to achieve! For Worlds competition, we have to be focused and improve on all aspects of competition [with] lots of practice!” said Young. 

Captain of this talented team, Michelle Lam (11), explained the major responsibilities as captain and her excitement for the team.

“As a captain, I check in with all of our subgroups to make sure they are on schedule. I am also responsible for connecting with other teams at the competition and being the bridge between my coach and my team”. Lam stated. “The competition at Regionals was great this year. We met so many new teams and I am very proud of my team for their accomplishments. At Worlds, we are just looking to have fun. Since this is our first time traveling together, we are just excited to be given the opportunity!”

Member William Wei (11), shared the process of navigating the Regional competition. 

“We competed in a competition called First Tech Challenge but competition varies from year to year. It is quite simple actually, whoever scores the most points wins!

AlphaGenesis looks to make a big impact at World competitions in Houston, Texas this upcoming April.


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