Wilson’s Red Cross Club Holds First Meeting

Glen A. Wilson High School’s Red Cross Club dives into service with its first meeting of the year on Sept. 15 during lunch at the media center. 

During the meeting, presidents Katie  Tao (12) and Jennifer Yang (12) introduced the ‘22-23 cabinet, as well as going over what the club was about, such as its mission statement,  benefits to members and planned upcoming events throughout the school year. 

Red Cross’s mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies through mobilizing volunteers and donors. Red Cross plans to have many fun in-person events that were not allowed during the COVID-19 lockdown, such as volunteering at homeless shelters, holding blood drives and having training service events.

Co-president Jennifer Yang (12) shares why people should join Red Cross and what she hopes the impact they leave on Wilson.

“I hope that joining Red Cross will allow students to find a community that they belong to at school,” Yang says. “I hope they soon find themselves to love volunteering. Through our various services, I wish to leave a positive impact on our school and campus, and I hope our events will show students and people what Red Cross has to offer.” 

Additionally, one of the publicity members, Yumeng Chen (10) shares her feelings about the first meeting and the club’s plans for the future.

“I feel great about the turnout of our first meeting. Many people showed up and we got to meet many of our new potential members,” Chen states. “Since we did not do much last year, this year’s cabinet has some amazing events planned, and we are so excited for our members to experience them.” 

Lastly, historian Luna Liang (10) expressed her excitement about the new year for Red Cross as well as events she is looking forward to. 

“Red Cross has so many upcoming events in the school year and I am excited to help out,” Liang states. “I am also so excited to do more in-person events this year.” 

With all these exciting new events planned for future members, make sure to check out Red Cross and join their club!

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