Wilson’s Mock Trial jumps back with informational meetings for newcoming members

After a fruitful competition season last year, Glen A. Wilson’s (GAWHS) Mock Trial team returned with informational meetings for upcoming members on Aug. 25 and 26.

Led by teacher advisor Samuel Barone, Mock Trial is an award-winning team that welcomes students of all grade and experience levels. In competitive-based trials, members learn about the United States legal system through hands-on experience.

As members are assigned roles and duties accordingly to grasp a deeper understanding of the U.S. court system, advisor Samuel Barone explains other practical skills that are gained through Mock Trials.

“My expectations are greater maturity in students being public speakers,” Barone said. “I also expect a greater possibility in forming student-to-student relationships and fostering school pride through cooperation and competition.”

Flooded with newcomers who are interested in the program, captain Alex Li (12), who had been a member since his freshman year, covers the contents of the informational meetings.

“The Mock Trial meetings share general information about what the team is, how it operates, and how we will work together to succeed,” Li recalls. “It will also cover the tryout process and answer any questions students may ask.”

Additionally, Li lays out the team’s hopes and plans for the upcoming season.

“We plan on making the nationals this year,” Li said. “I hope, unlike the past two years, this year’s team will get to experience the actual courthouse as opposed to mundane Zoom meetings.”

Junior captains have also been working hard for the informational meetings. One of the junior captains, Baihe Jin (11) speaks out about the preparational work behind the scenes.

“Junior captains have been preparing for the information meeting by creating a slideshow that we will be presenting during our information meetings to help newcomers better understand our program,” Jin explains.

As tryouts proceed throughout the week of Aug. 29th, Mock Trial will be competing in the month of November in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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