Wilson’s Mock Trial hosts tryouts for new incoming members

Glen A. Wilson High School’s Mock Trial hosted their tryouts for this year on Sep. 17, Sep. 20, and Sep. 21. 

Mock Trial is a competitive extracurricular activity in which students imitate a court trial.  Each member plays a certain role; attorney, witness, clerk & bailiff, courtroom artist, or courtroom journalist. Three attorneys and three witnesses compete at competitions. 

According to senior captain Jessica Wang, the tryouts are being conducted methodically.

“So basically we have a two-part tryout, the first part is where they recite their opening statement. Afterward, we will write down their scores out of 15 based on different factors,” Wang says. “After that, it is just an improvisation test where we test how well they can think under pressure. We ask them a series of questions and they answer them as quickly as they can in four minutes.”

Freshman participant Yumeng Chen says, “I wanted to join Mock Trial because I wanted to get more experience in things such as public speaking and critical thinking. I think it is a really great club and you get to meet new people.”

Additionally, senior returning member Kiani Jiminez shares her thoughts about Mock Trial.

“I’m trying out again after a good experience my sophomore year,” Jiminez shares. “It was both fun and challenging to work on case studies. I loved watching the cross-examinations and getting food after with my team. The improvisation process was not as difficult as I thought, but it did require me to think fast. I think it is a very creative tryout process.”

The Mock Trial team hopes to start a successful season with competitions starting November this year.


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