Wilson’s Mock Trial goes to final competition

Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial competed in their final competition of the year on Nov. 16.

Split into two separate teams, prosecution and defense, teams participate in trials with a live judge and scorers to attempt to move on to the next round. Senior Rani Chor won the trial Most Valuable Player award during both matches.

For the first time in seven years, Wilson reached round three.

According to Mock Trial advisor Samuel Barone, the feeling as a result of the outcome of the trial was overwhelmingly upbeat.

“I feel exceedingly proud of what this team has put together,” Barone claims. “Most other teams focus as a class and have real, professional attorney’s as coaches. Our squad did it on their own and made it [as far as] the third round.”

Additionally, senior member John Kim believed that although preparation for the competition was time consuming, it ultimately resulted in a good finish for Wilson.

“I studied the case like crazy,” Kim explains. “I learned [many] different court outcomes and stipulations. It [took a lot of time], but we did well.”

As a result of their recent performance, the whole team is feeling ecstatic.

“It is such a huge accomplishment as this is the first time in seven years [we made it to the third round],” Sarah Yu (9) describes. “[Moving forward], I am [very] happy and thankful for the whole team, especially the captains.”

Although Mock Trial’s season is over,  the team will be back with new recruits in the fall of 2022.


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