RWMA hosts Baskin Robins fundraiser

Glen A. Wilson’s Royal Wilson Marching Alliance held a fundraiser at Baskin Robbins on Sep. 8.

The Royal Wilson Marching Alliance (RWMA) is composed of Wilson’s marching band and color guard. They held their fundraiser in order to raise money for their program.

According to senior trumpet section leader Matthew Kwan, this fundraiser is essential to helping the band program in many ways. Kwan expresses what the fundraiser meant to him and how it made him feel.

“The Baskin Robbins fundraiser to me meant raising more money for the program that has done well for me for the past four years. This fundraiser had more people than expected, so it put a smile on a bunch of members’ faces when we saw how well it did,” said Kwan. 

In order to do his part to raise awareness of the fundraiser, Matthew Kwan spread the word to his fellow members and also looks forward to future fundraisers for RWMA.

“As a [section] leader, I sent out messages and constantly told members of the program to go help raise money.  I would like to see fundraisers that last longer like the senior class Ding Tea fundraiser,” said Kwan.

Additionally, senior member Aldrich Gwynne explains how he is able to contribute to the success of the fundraiser.

“For me, a big thing is making sure my members know the magnitude of these fundraisers, and I always remind and encourage them to increase participation. We also incentivize our members with rewards, like section points,” said Gwynne. 

When asked if there will be more fundraisers for the program in the future, senior Nadine Ramirez, marching band captain,  expresses her excitement toward new fundraisers.

“It was a great experience to interact with my fellow classmates during the fundraiser,” said Ramirez. “But this particular event was suggested by the store owner herself. It was her that helped us with our biggest turnout. We hope to participate in other events like this in the future!”

With this fundraiser already wrapped up, you can look forward to helping the program out by participating in their Chipotle fundraiser that takes place September 22nd from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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