Wilson’s Future Business Leaders of America holds a seminar with special guest

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) recently held a seminar on Jan. 13 with special guest Curtis Lee.

Curtis Lee, Wilson alumni,  a UC Berkeley student currently studying Economics and Computer Science, spoke of the advantages that FBLA holds to its members for their future careers. 

Justin Huh (12), voiced his opinion on Lee’s remarks.

“His main message was to have fun at competitions but always take a lesson to learn from everything because it will be crucial in your future. Personally, I agreed with all of the points he made and I believe he did an amazing job!”

Public relations chair Avery Liu (11), was also encouraged by the former FBLA president’s words. 

“I found Curtis to be a very good speaker and his presentation was engaging. He shared a lot of helpful information and tips on making decisions in high school, as well as the impact FBLA had on his career path.”

Member Jonathan Chan (10), was offered a new perspective about the FBLA program. 

“Mr. Lee really helped me understand the dynamics of this program. Him being a Berkely student has given me the inspiration to be heavily involved in the program and I am excited about the future.”

FBLA is currently preparing for their upcoming competition in the Southern Section Conference, which will begin in February.

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