Wilson’s Cross Country teams take first and second at Hacienda League

  Wilson has reason to be very proud of their cross country team, with girls taking first place in the first Hacienda League Race, and boys taking second!

  Mike Gomez, coach of the two teams, spoke about how proud he is of their wins.

  “I am [absolutely] proud of their dedication to each other, because cross country is a team sport and they have bought into the concept of teamwork and learned to value that.” Gomez expanded on this idea, saying  “I teach them that they will always use teamwork and that it is an integral part of life. “

  Abril Barragan (11), described her reaction to her team’s efforts.

  “After the meet, I was so tired. That was definitely the hardest race of the season. When [Coach Gomez] showed us our results, the shock, excitement, happiness and many other mixed emotions made me completely forget about the pain!” Barragan also discussed her emotions.  “Seeing that win was the best way to start off our league races! I was so proud of my team and seeing them work so hard just made me want to work harder [as well]!”

  Member of the boys team, Sebastian Ruiz (12) states his motivation for running.

  “The biggest motivation for me on this most recent league run was showing other schools that our boys team is something to watch.” Ruiz clarifies, “We are trying to be league champions, when it is all said and done.”

  Their next race will be at the Central Park Huntington Beach Invitational on Saturday, September 30th. Go out and support our amazing cross country team!


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