Wilson’s Code Team hosts American Computer Science League

The Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) Code Team is attending their annual ACSL (American Computer Science League) competition happening this week online. 

The GAWHS Code Team is a group of students that practice their talents with computer programming in apps and websites. The team not only provides a great environment to learn more about coding, but also a welcoming environment. The team always provides the help you need no matter how much you know about coding. Code Team is built off of teamwork because it is one of the most important things in building apps together and expanding their knowledge of coding. This team gives everyone the opportunity to discover new future career options. 

Captain Katie Tao (12) shares how joining the team helped her find her future major in college and career.

“I did not realize that I would find my future career when I joined the team during my freshman year. If I had not given the team a try, I would still be wondering what to major in college right now. With that being said I hope students who join the competition find that same interest and join.” shares Tao.

Moreover, team director Lindsay Lim (12) shares what the team offers students who are interested in joining. 

“You get experience working with many languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because we use these to make web development projects. We also practice solving programming problems together. It

helped me learn a lot more about computer science by putting my coding skills into practice and preparing for competitions.” explained Lim.

The ACSL is a four-part remote test that tests its participants on their knowledge of computer science theory and problem-solving. Each part consists of two tests, one being multiple choice and the other requiring programming. The competitors that do well will be invited to the finals competing against students worldwide.

Lastly, vice-captain Tiger Shi (12) shares some changes made to the competition this last year. 

“Recently, we are opening participation in the American Computer Science League to more students than just the team members. The competition is held online and tests students on their knowledge of various programming concepts. Our goal is to expose more students to computer science and generate interest.” said Shi

As GAWHS Code Team prepares for their ACSL competition we wish each participant good luck!

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