Wilson’s boys badminton team dominates Rowland in an impressive overall victory

On Apr. 13, badminton took on Rowland HS away from home through several individual matches.

Ka Chung Keith Leung (11) shares how he feels about his performance and the matchup’s outcome.

“I was not very satisfied with leaving Rowland because I think we can do better,” Leung said. “We decided to let them win the second set in order to ensure a third set for practice, but I would have liked to have swept them. The result was not entirely what I wanted,  but I am glad we secured the win.”

Leung also comments on how the team can perform better in the future.

“For later games, I think that we can play stronger if my partner and I pair up more,” Leung said. “Sadly against Rowland, we never paired up more than twice. ”

Furthermore, player Ivan Chac (11) reflects on what he could have done differently in the match.

“We reflected on our performances and found out that we should have more variety in our shots, and that we should not focus too much on power,” Chac said. “Using this insight, I worked on a variety of different shots and ended up winning my boys doubles match.” 

Lastly, Amos Yang (11) explains what his hope for future games looks like.

“My goal in the future is to get better, reflect on my mistakes, learn from them and win more games as a team,” Yang said.

Badminton will next face Diamond Bar HS on Apr. 19 at home. 


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