Wilson’s band places second in competition

“Congratulations to the Royal Marching Alliance (RWMA) for placing second place!”

The RWMA performed on Oct.8 on Saturday at Bellflower High School. The RWMA required participants to wear athletic shorts, a show T-shirt, clean black socks, gloves and more.

Junior percussionist Cristian Roca explains what they did the best that led them to place second in the overall competition. 

“We all had set our own personal goals that we really wanted to achieve in that performance and from what I heard from people, everyone seemed to achieve their goals during that performance,” said Roca. “Even though we all felt we did well we all knew it was [not] our best performance as a group. There is still a lot of work to be put in before we can rest easy.”

Junior Aleli Garcia who is a saxophone section leader, explains that they also faced some challenges doing the performance.

“I think we did fairly good. it was very hot and the way we were facing affected us because the sun was in our eyes! In the end, we all had fun and did our very best!” says Garcia

Similarly, the Colorguard of RWMA also placed second place as well.  Senior color guard captain Stephanie Goint elaborates on what she felt she did best during the competition.

“The area I did the best was my solo on saber and rifle because they were strong solid catches and it made the crowd go wild,” said Goint. 

She also reflects on what areas she could have done better. 

“If I were to improve on something I would say to always smile and to not have such a thinking face when it comes to big moments of performing,” explained Goint. 

The RWMA will continue on their amazing performing journey with their upcoming performance this Saturday at Colony High school in Ontario. Let us give our amazing RWMA our best wishes!

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