Wilson’s Advanced Drama brings a murder mystery dinner theatre performance to the student body

Glen A. Wilson’s Advanced Drama class will be holding a new exciting event this week on Feb. 9 and Feb. 10. The show will be in the Asrani Kingdoms’ Banquet Hall.

The main event and show will feature the coronation of Queen Amelia, full of murder and delicious food made by the Culinary 3 students.

Senior Emily Huang explains how the event will function and the different interactions during the night.

“This show is a murder mystery dinner theatre performance. This year’s theme is the Queen’s Coronation! It is an interactive show where actors improvise as characters to interact with audience members. Throughout the night, essential conversations hint at the characters’ relationships and why they may have the motive to kill someone. Dinner is served and somewhere along the way a death occurs, and audience members have to guess what happened.” says Huang.

With such a vast and exciting event, the students in Advanced Drama will be hard working putting up decorations and completely remaking the theater into the beautiful scenery where the event will take place. Senior Sabrina Yeh, tell us what the process behind this is.

“We have prepared for this performance by creating our kingdom and the characters, worked with the culinary class who will prepare the dinner for us and transformed the whole theatre by taking down curtains, setting lights, moving speakers, making posters, etc.,” explains Yeh.

Furthermore, senior Alexa Der Bedrossian goes into more detail about the show’s characters.

“I had the freedom to develop a character and persona different from my everyday self. Creating basic character knowledge will prepare me to carry out conversations all night!” says Bedrossian.

Overall this is looking to be one of the best shows the Advanced Drama class has planned for. The ticket cost for this event is 25 dollars, hope to see you there!

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