Wilson Wildcats share their experiences at Senior Sunrise

Mason Lieu (12)

Are you going to senior sunrise?

“Yes, I will be going to senior sunrise.”

What are you looking forward to at senior sunrise?

“I am looking forward to relaxing and forgetting about school exams and taking a nap.”

 How do you feel waking up so early for senior sunrise?

“I feel peaceful and relaxed about waking up early, and I plan to sleep early so that I would feel awake during senior sunrise.”

What are fun events (inside school and outside) that you’re looking forward to now that you’re a senior?

“Fun events that I am looking forward to in school is the sports dance rally and outside of campus, I am looking forward to senior beach day, college campus tour, anime expo, shopping with friends and going to the movie theater.”

Aiden Ngo (12)

Did you go to senior sunrise?

“No, I did not go.”

What was your reason for not going?

“I did not go because I had slept late the night before and could not push myself to wake up in time to go.”

What did you do instead?

“Instead of going, I slept and went to school at a normal time.”

Did you wish you had gone?

“I did not regret not going because not many of my friends went either so It would be pretty lonely.”

Are there any other senior school events you’re looking forward to?

“Other events I am looking forward to is prom and the End of Year Beach Day. I don’t know what other events the school is hosting but I look forward to just hanging out with friends at these events.”

William Chieu (12)

Did you go to senior sunrise?

“I did not go to senior sunrise.”

Why did you not go?

“I had to stay up all night studying for tests.”

What did you do instead of going to senior sunrise?

“Instead of going to senior sunrise, I slept in instead.”

Would you recommend future seniors go?

“I would recommend future seniors to go because it is a great chance to connect with your fellow seniors as it will be the last year that many of them will have in the future before they part.”

Rosemary Tian (12)

Did you go to senior sunrise?

“I did not go to the senior sunrise.”

Why did you not go?

“I am bad at waking up early and I am not trying to get 4 hours of sleep.”

What did you do instead?

“Instead of going, I just slept and woke up at the time I normally do.”

Do you regret not going to senior sunrise?

“Honestly, I don’t since I personally think getting enough sleep is more important but a lot of my friends did go and I wish I could have hung out with them.”

Would you recommend future seniors go?
“If you’re a future senior and plan on going to senior sunrise next year, then you should go. It’s your last year so go have fun. But don’t feel pressured to, as sleeping is also fun.”

Ellie Hung (12)

Did you go to senior sunrise?

“Yes, I did go to senior sunrise.”

Who did you spend the time with?

“I spent the time with various groups of friends. I alternated between different groups.”

What did you like most about the event?

“What I liked most was that the event happened quite early in the morning, and as a morning enjoyer, I really liked it.”

What did you not like about senior sunrise?

“There isn’t much I didn’t like but I do wish that the weather was colder during that time in the morning. 

Would you recommend future seniors go?

“Yes, of course! I think future seniors should go, as it was a great experience for me.”

Christopher Huang (12)

How was the experience at senior sunrise?

“My experience at senior sunrise was good, I enjoyed waking up next to my friends.”

How did you spend your time there?

“I enjoyed cuddling with my friends.”

How did you handle the early time to get up?

“I was able to wake up earlier today because I set many alarms which eventually annoyed me enough to get up.”

What was the funniest part of senior sunrise?

“The funniest part of senior sunrise was watching my good friend Nathan Lam do the Lamb dance.”

What do you plan to do after high school?

“After high school, I plan to go to college and hit the gym and get ripped.”

Katrina Liang (left).

Katrina Liang (12)

Why did you decide to go to senior sunrise?

“Senior Sunrise is a senior-specific event and I knew that it would never happen again.”

Who did you go with?

“I went with a couple of friends and sat with one another.”

What did you do there?

“We watched the sunrise and ate some breakfast.”

How was the experience memorable for you?

“I think it was really symbolic in a way. Despite already starting school the sunrise was sorta like us starting our high school year one last time together.”

Mandy Ma (12)

Are you going to senior sunrise?

“Yes, I am going to senior sunrise.”

What was the deciding factor in going or not?

“ A deciding factor in going was the memories that I would make there.”

Who will you be going with?

“I will be going with my friends and just hanging out.”

How will you be spending your time there?

“I will spend time watching the sunrise with my friends and then go to get drinks or eat somewhere.”


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