Wilson Wildcats share how they survived California’s Heat Wave

Enzo Figueroa (12)

How did the heat affect you during your race? 

“The heat affected my race and I was breathing hot air all the way through, making me want to stop but I kept on going until I reached the finish line.”

How did you stay hydrated?

“I stayed hydrated by drinking lots of water that day. I only drank water that day, nothing else.”

Was the training different because of the heatwave? 

“The training is still different causing us to train in the morning because it is fresh and cool, but I still like the morning practices But to be honest, I prefer working out in the afternoon”

Victoria Mendez (12)

Was it still hot watching the football game at night and was it worth it?

“Yes! It was a little hot but not too hot where it was a problem. It was worth watching the game because of how close we kept catching up to the other team.”

Did the heat make it harder for you to cheer during the game?

“The heat does make it harder to cheer at games. We get sweatier quicker and it makes us more tired.”

Did the heat take away any of your spirits or were you able to fight through it?

“The heat did not take away any of my spirits, because I learned to block out anything that keeps me from being a good cheerleader and cheering on our football team. We always end up pushing through.”

Adrian Gaxiola (12)

Did you spend any time watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc. when staying out of the heat4

“Yes, I spent a lot of time watching movies and staying indoors to try and stay cool.”

Did you travel anywhere to stay cool? 

“No, I did not travel anywhere because it is too hot to go anywhere.”

Were you still able to enjoy your three-day weekend through the heat? 

“It was not the most enjoyable, but it was tolerable since the heat was so aggressive.”

Fernando Ramos (12)

How did you dress to fight the heat? 

“To fight the heat I have been wearing t-shirts and jeans and mostly using light colors mostly to stay cool.”

What activities do you wish you did not do in the heat? 

“Walking in the heat sucks!  It is the dry heat that gets me, it feels like the sun is stinging your skin with tiny needles.”

Did you enjoy the heat wave or do you wish it would have been cooler? 

“I don’t enjoy the heatwave, although I like summer, winter is where it is at to be honest.”

Joy Nunez (11)

If you have pets, how did you keep them cool? 

“To keep my dog cool, I put ice in her water and she has plenty of shade outside.”

What did you spend your spare time doing in your home? 

“During my spare time at home I binge-watched my favorite shows on Netflix.”

Did you do any fun things to avoid the sun? 

“Some fun things I did to avoid the heat and the sun was playing board games in my air-conditioned room.”

Pedro Rueda (11)

What activities did you do to stay cool? 

“I stayed indoors in a fresh room and drank lots of cold water.”

How did you prepare for the heatwave mentally and physically?

“Mentally I had to remember to stay cool. Physically, if I was outside I went to the nearest shaded area. I also drank a lot of water.”

Did you enjoy any cold treats?

“I had ice cream when the day got hot. I also had some mangonada.”

Jazmine Ho (10)

Did you experience any power outages due to the weather? 

“I am experiencing a power outage right now actually because of the extreme heat wave.” 

Where did you spend your weekend during the heatwave?

“I spent my weekend at home in my air-conditioned room and spent my day doing homework and playing video games.”

Were you able to relax through the heatwave?

“I was not able to relax through the heat because a blast of hot air always kept on blowing in my face when I walked outside. The only way I got to relax was when I was in my house and in the classrooms.”

Erin Rhea (10)

How did you stay cool?

I made sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Also, to stay in the shade as much as possible.”

Did you have access to Air conditioning?

“Yes, I did have access to AC at home and in classes, thankfully.”

What was the worst part for you about the heat?

“The worst part for me in the heat is when staying in the shade it is still really humid.”

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