Wilson updates COVID-19 safety protocols

Glen A. Wilson HS recently announced new COVID-19 safety protocols for the 2021-2022 school year to ensure that everyone on campus stays healthy.

The guidelines comply with HLPUSD district procedures and LA County guidelines. All students and staff are required to follow protocols, including a mask mandate, mandatory sneeze guards in every classroom and social distancing. However, some students are struggling to adjust to these new changes.

Just recently, Wilson announced a new COVID-19 case on campus. Dr. Kenfield, Wilson’s school’s principal, sent out a newsletter on ParentSquare, a means of communication to parents of students at Wilson, regarding the confirmed COVID case.

Assistant Principal Robert Hidalgo says that they are following district protocols by “ contacting those who might have been exposed to someone with a positive or confirmed case.”

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is available in every classroom for use. (Photo by Rani Chor)

Moreover, many of the COVID-19 protocols implemented by the district have had many impacts, positive and negative, in classrooms.

According to Biomedical sciences teacher Sean Kane, the impacts the COVID-19 protocols had on his class brought some obstacles into his classroom as it was harder to communicate with students.

“The masks are really hard for people to hear, so being in class, I knew that I had to go out and purchase my own mic and speaker system so people could hear me,” Kane said.

Many people at Wilson had concerns about if the school was doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

When asked about her thoughts about going back to in-person school, sophomore Annabel Wen believes that these protocols do not do much because they are not heavily enforced in the classroom setting.

“People always group up together without their masks on, and some teachers do not enforce the protocols as much. I feel more appreciative, and I definitely enjoy interacting with people because we could not get to do that for an entire year and a half. It also means I have a more open route to communicate,” Wen said.

Glen A. Wilson continues to update their COVID protocols for the school year.


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