Wilson students prepare for Advanced Placement testing

Good luck to everyone taking the AP exams!”

Starting in May. 2, Advanced Placement (AP) exams for various classes have begun. Exams last up to 3 hours, either from morning to the afternoon or from the afternoon to late noon. 

The purpose of the exam is to test a student’s understanding of the college-level class. The AP exams prove to be a very stressful time for many students, as a passing can give them early college credit, which can be very helpful to them later on. Senior Truman Ma talks about how tiring the exams were.

“Personally, the exams were really tiring for me. I think testing for three hours straight would tire anyone out,” says Ma.

To help prepare for the exams, students studied hard on something called the free-response-questions ( FRQ) and the multiple-choice questions(MCQ) on the topic of their exam. Junior Lindsay Lim says that she prepared by mostly doing review videos and practice questions.

“I’m taking AP Calculus AB, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, and AP Physics C. The way that I am preparing for the exam is mostly by doing practice questions and also watching review videos to help me better understand the exam content,” says Lim

Reflected by the majority of students, the hardest part of the exam would be the Free Response Questions (FRQ), as they are long and tedious and require huge amounts of time to finish within a time limit. Freshman Skyler Fan talks about the stress she felt whilst doing the FRQ.

“The exam was a bit hard, not unexpectedly hard. The only problem I had was with the timing of the FRQ. It helped that my class  had a group chat  where we talked beforehand and helped with the anxiety.” says Fan

To conclude, the time of AP exam proves to be very stressful for some students, and they would be glad to finish the year. Although AP exams are finished, some students may very well still have final exams for their other classes. 

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