Wilson Shows Off Its Co-Arts Programs


 The Co-Arts Department hosted its annual showcase in the gymnasium on Apr. 24.

 The showcase featured performances by the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance, Catstyles Theatre, Wilson Dance Department, Voices of Wilson and Colorguard.

 According to Advanced Drama vice president senior Adrianna Figueroa, her group scene demonstrated a newly-developed skill.

 “I personally enjoyed performing our scene ever since we were first asked to do it in class,” Figueroa said. “This scene was significant because it incorporated stage combat, which was something we had newly learned this year, so we decided to take it to a larger audience.”

 Additionally, Aria member junior Jordan Chan believes that the Co-Arts showcase is a creative way to recruit students.

 “Along with informing people [about] what Co-Arts is, the showcase is important because we are able to display all the art programs available at Wilson to encourage incoming high schoolers to join them,” Chan said. “I am in choir, and we were able to sing some very difficult but beautiful music to showcase the amazing and unique experience of being in our program.”

 Furthermore, junior Fayelin Plascencia explains various improvements that can be made for next year’s Co-Arts showcase.

 “For next year, I personally think that more in-depth information about the classes should be given instead of just showcasing the arts,” Plascencia said. “Co-Arts directors should spend more time talking about the respective classes as opposed to just talking about the sashes.”

 The next Co-Arts performance is Drama’s Senior Showcase from May 2 to 3.

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