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Wilson welcomes prospective Class of 2023

(orientation)Provided by Allison Fann

   Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its annual Eighth Grade Orientation to introduce future students to Wilson on Jan. 10.

 ASB and other organizations, such as Science Olympiad, Dance Company and Aria, greeted incoming freshmen from Cedarlane and Mesa Robles.

 After faculty introduced themselves in the gymnasium, the students watched a quick exhibition of Wilson’s performing arts and separated into groups to tour the campus.

 According to Assistant Principal Jocie Wilson, the orientation is essential for eighth graders to begin differentiating between middle school and high school.

 “It is important for [incoming freshmen] to get a feel for the campus before they start [high] school,” Wilson said. “The better acclimated they are to high school, the [more successful] they will be.”

 Despite the overall success, ASB president senior Karla Sandoval reflects on the difficulties that had to be overcome that day.

 “One of the buses came late, [which] delayed the schedule that we had already set in stone,” Sandoval said. “[However], we overcame [the inconvenience] by [revising the schedule] and acting in a professional manner.”

 Looking forward, Aria president senior Angelina Susanto hopes that choir’s performance attracted new recruits.

“I believe that through our performance, our choir showed the incoming freshmen a glimpse of the hard work, yet fun and memorable experience, they will have in choir,” Susanto said.

 ASB’s next event is the Most Inspirational luncheon on Jan. 26.

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