Wilson provides students with testing kits

Glen A. Wilson High School passed out one box containing two covid testing kits to all Wilson students on Jan. 13.

Coming back from winter break, the rise in positive COVID-19 cases has risen like never before causing students who not only are positive but those in close contact to be sent home. Due to the new COVID-19 guidelines, the school administered COVID-19 testing kits to each student at Glen A. Wilson High school.

The release of COVID-19 tests put students like Jacob Acosta (12) at ease. 

“The kits relieve my mind a little about COVID-19 as it will help keep the school environment more safe,” said Acosta. “The testing kits are helping the school and students stay protected against COVID-19. It is nice to see the school take action and have athletes and students tested as this helps officials respond better to any potential outbreaks.”

However, Acosta added that he reminds himself to be cautious “as the pandemic is still affecting the whole world and not just the school.”

Despite the fact that the tests might enlighten some, others like Patrick Alvarez (12) feel like the tests are not enough.

“I do not feel like the COVID-19 testing kits are enough. I do not know how accurate these kits are, and false results are still possible,” Alvarez stated. “The virus is still out there, and we are going to be exposed to it for a while.”

On the other side of the spectrum, COVID-19 has made sports activities difficult with games constantly being rescheduled. With testing, athletes like Jeremiah Esguerra (12) believe they help get things back on track for upcoming games.

“Being an athlete in a close-contact sport, we want to be as safe as possible and not spread anything as it could put our season at risk. The tests are beneficial for athletes as it can inform us if we would need to stay home to not get our teammates sick or put them in danger,” explained Esguerra. 

The Wilson administration will continue to monitor students in quarantine and close contact cases for further prevention of an outbreak. 

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