Wilson proctors PSAT exams for students

Glen A. Wilson High School proctored a Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude (PSAT) test on Oct. 13.

Students were to take the test within two hours and 45 minutes with 55 minutes for reading, 30 minutes for writing and language and 60 minutes for math.

With a 222 index score, students can compete for National Merit Scholarships to win potentially lucrative amounts of money to put towards college.

In preparation, students prepared in a variety of ways, with some not preparing at all.

“I did not actually prepare for the PSAT because it was my first time. The reason I took the test was to get the feeling to know what [the SAT] was going to be like,” quotes sophomore Erin Shin.

Fortunately, some students have a positive outlook after taking the test.

“I feel pretty good. At first, I was not sure what to expect, but once I saw the questions, I felt good. I’m just hoping I got a good score. Although it’s the practice test, I still wanna do good,” explains junior Ernie Jimenez.

Understandably after such an important test, students feel a sense of relief.

“I feel it was not that hard. I’m relieved I got it over with [though],” says freshman Vinci Lam.

Students will receive their test scores on Dec. 6.


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