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Wilson prepares for upcoming graduation with cap and gown pickup

Glen A Wilson is holding their Cap and Gown distribution on Apr 30th.

The distribution took place within the school’s parking lot where students arrived at allotted times to pick their cap and gowns. This event served as a replacement for the traditional celebration of a cap and gown. There were celebratory college decorations at the drive-through and the students were able to see their teachers.

In the words of senior Sirjen Kaur, the drive-through served as a way for the seniors to have some sense of recognition for the hardship they have.

“[The distribution ceremony] was necessary because, as seniors in a pandemic year, we have hardly been able to feel that sense of accomplishment of being done with high school. Even though this does not completely make up for everything we missed, it is still a small way to enjoy something rather than not celebrate at all,” Kaur said.

As stated by senior Myla Romero, the drive-through may not be what many students wanted for graduation, but at least the school did something in person.

“I think people are happy that we get a kind of celebration; however, I do know some people who are a little upset about the entire situation. It is really hard to imagine graduating without any type of festivity, but sadly it is our reality. Personally, I am grateful that we at least get this drive by pick-up and in-person graduation.” Romero said.

Moreover, as senior Ethan Jacob believes, the drive-through is efficient but lacks the traditional spirit of an in-person senior experience.

“I personally believe this could be the most efficient form of distribution if the line is taken care of the property and speedily, and if everyone is on top of getting the kids in and out. Jacob said. “I think students will not care much about this form of pick up because this is seen more as a task than something we look forward to or want, so either way it is just one more thing we have to do. It is not specifically bad or good, just kind of there.”

Glen A Wilson high school’s seniors’ will have their last school day on May 13th. And their end-of-the-year graduation will be on May 26th.

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