Wilson Fest, a new annual event?

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) had great success with the Wilson Fest that was hosted on Apr.14th. 

The Wilson Fest consisted of many clubs and sports teams on campus selling items for the student body to purchase which fundraised for their needs in the upcoming school year. Not only that but carnival games and dances were there for the students to have some fun while with friends. 

Mrs. Branconier shared the process behind planning such a big event for the student body.

“The process behind the Wilson Fest was getting clubs involved. So our club commissioner reached out to the club presidents and groups teams, sports teams to see who would like to be part of the event. When we reached out to them we told them what they could offer: food, drink or game. They were responsible for setting up and cleaning up after themselves, mainly for making money for each of their teams and clubs.”

The night market fundraised an abundance of funds to keep all our extracurriculars active with more fun to come in the next school year.

Senior CSF vice president Max Lee explained why CSF chose to participate in the Night Market. 

“We wanted to make money to fund our future events. We chose tea champ because they were cooperative with us and were able to take a bulk order for the day of the night market.”

ASB’s next event will be prom! Hope to see the juniors and seniors there!

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