Wilson Dance Company hosts annual Golden Cup Dance competition


  Wilson Dance Company hosted the annual Golden Cup Dance competition on Saturday, Jan. 25.

  The Golden Cup consisted of fifteen individual dance teams from different schools such as Troy, San Gabriel and Alhambra HS. Although Wilson Dance Company participated in the event, the teams did not actually receive a score.

  According to dance team director Karen Ayres, the competition improved relationships among teams by letting them receive constructive criticism given by judges. 

  “[The Golden Cup allows students to] learn more about their sport when they are dancing. Through this experience, [students] develop comradery with other teams, [and the experience also provides an opportunity for teams to receive feedback] from judicators to improve their performance,” Ayres said.

   As said by dance team captain senior Gabe Mision, the competition served as one of his memorable moments of Wilson High School.

  “This year’s Golden Cup is special [in the sense that] it is my last time hosting a competition as well as it being the 30th anniversary for this event,” Mision said.  “As a student participating in the hosting of the competition, the [role] I had just really helped with my work ethic as a whole.”

  In the opinion of dance member junior Emily Tran, the competition success’ resulted from extensive planning from the team.                      

  “The competition went well but there was a lot of preparation beforehand. [The team] was busy painting posters, completing paperwork and setting up [multiple] rooms,” Tran said. “[This year’s event] was [eye opening] for [first year members] on how the competition was actually run instead of simply participating.”

  The Wilson Dance Company’s next event is West Coast Dance Experience at Valencia HS on Saturday, Feb. 8.

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