Wilson counselors host Wellness Wednesday to help students learn new things every week

With the new addition of the Glen A. Wilson’s wellness room, there is now a new event every Wednesday called Wellness Wednesday.

This new event is implemented to address the issue of students’ mental health and their wellbeing.

According to senior Alex Castro, the school counselors talk about many factors that can cause students to stress.

“You can talk about some stressors that you have experienced in your own life in addition to getting information about different areas of maintaining a mentally and emotionally healthy life. Each week has different themes and covers both unique and useful areas of mental health that contribute to our overall well-being,” said Castro.

The main benefit of participating in Wellness Wednesday is that students who participate learn something new every week to apply to their everyday lives.

“The main benefit of Wellness Wednesdays is that every student has something to take away from the event each week. These include new skills and strategies recommended and used by either the counselors or other students which they try out in their own lives.” explained Castro.

Additionally, the counselors and students participating in Wellness Wednesday also started putting up Christmas decorations in the wellness room to keep up with the Christmas festive spirit.

If you are interested in signing up, new activities are held every Wednesday. More information can be found on the Wilson website. All students are welcome and encouraged to join!

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