Wilson clubs gather to host Club Food Day

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its first Club Food Day of the year on Nov. 16.

Multiple clubs gathered together in the dining area to sell various snacks, meals and drinks in order to fundraise for activities. 

Preparation for Club Food Day was tedious but ultimately successful for some clubs. 

“Our club prepared for club food day by calculating the amount of food and money we would need to make a good amount of profit,” Simone Yu (12) explains. “We ended up selling the pizza much faster than we expected, and we are so glad that it turned out to be a success!”

Club Food Day also boosts the morale of students according to Justin Huh (12).

“Club food day affects the atmosphere at Wilson by helping students realize the plethora of positive experiences that students can indulge in while attending this school,” Huh described. “Being able to hold a day where students can support their favorite clubs while eating delicious food is an amazing opportunity that brings the student community closer.”

Above all, Club Food Day fills a fundraising void for numerous clubs on-campus.

Ali Momennasab (12) explains the importance of Club Food Day to his club, Chess Club, for which “the funds from club food day will help Chess Club buy more boards and timers to accommodate more members.”

ASB will host a Christmas decoration event this December.


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