Wilson Cheer closes the season undefeated

On May 2, the cheer stunt team celebrated both Senior Night and a perfect season with a final win against Los Altos HS by a score of 16-4.

The cheer stunt team ended the season with a 6-0 record,  honoring their seniors Olivia and Sara Bruin, Laila Miranda and Lyndsey Wong in the process.

Wong is the Head Captain of the cheer team and has been a cheerleader for all four of her years at Wilson HS. The well-experienced Wong describes some of the efforts that she and the team have put into perfecting their routines.

“When learning a specific routine, especially for Traditional Competitive Cheer, it takes a long time to perfect our skills and stunts… From daily practices to long games, the team’s dedication to being our best shows when we perform and compete,” Wong said.

Wong also delves into what it is like for her to cheer alongside her best friends.

“My favorite part about being a cheerleader is the strong bond I have with my team,” Wong said. “I spend every day with them so they have all become some of my best friends. [Additionally] I also enjoy learning new skills and stunts that ‘wow’ the crowd.”

Furthermore, Bryanna Manzo (11) explains how routines for the team are scored.

“Routines are scored by how many skills are completed without any failures. They are also scored based on synchronization within the team,” Manzo said. “It is something we worried about—completing our routines at competitions or games. But we were able to overcome that by honing in on our skills constantly until it was near perfected.”

Manzo also adds some advice for future cheerleaders.

“Just have confidence and trust within your team. It really makes a difference,” said Manzo.

Additionally, Junior Nick Valencia, who attended the match, speaks about what he was looking forward to the most.

“I was looking forward to watching my girlfriend Victoria compete, [and] knowing it was against our rival Los Altos made me look forward to the game even more,” Valencia said.

Valencia also speaks about the atmosphere of the competition.

“Everything was very inviting and interesting. Looking at all the posters and decorations set up for the girls’ senior night [and] the crowd that came out made it a very fun environment to be in,” Valencia said. “When our team received points, all of our fans would cheer very loudly, showing love and supporting our team.”

As the cheer season comes to an end, the program will soon prepare for tryouts for any new members looking to represent the Wildcats.

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