Wildcats Bundle Up for the Winter Season

Matthew Buck (12)
Are you planning to do any winter festivities this December?
“I am planning on looking at Christmas lights [this year] and celebrating [the holidays] with my family.”

What is the best part of the winter season?
“[The best part of the winter season is] staying at home when it is cold and drinking hot chocolate.”

Do you like layering clothes during the winter season?
“Not really, I [usually] just wear basketball shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.”

What is on your holiday wishlist?
“[I want the] PS5 because of the [new] Harry Potter game [that is] coming out, [which] I am excited to play.”

What is your favorite food to eat during the winter season?
“Tacos are my favorite [food, and] in December, I find myself eating them a lot more [often].”

Myla Romero (12)
Does your family usually have holiday traditions?
“Usually, my extended family gets together on Christmas Eve and we play headbands and La Loteria (Mexican bingo). For New Year’s Day, we celebrate Japanese traditions by [deep] cleaning before the end of the year, and by making traditional dishes [such as], kuromame (black bean) and ozoni (miso soup).”

Would you want to spend wintertime in the snow?
“Yes, I love snow [because it only occurs very rarely]. I [used to watch] movies [that included] snow and [I found it really beautiful even though] I [live in an area where it does not snow often].”

What is your favorite holiday memory?
“We used to go to Schabarum Park and they had Snow Days where blocks of ice were carved into a slide [that people could] ride sleds on. [During this time,] we would clump together [shaved ice] to create snowballs [used in snowball fights].”

What is your favorite holiday movie?
“Klaus [is my favorite] movie to [play] during the holidays because it is a heartwarming story that I can watch with my family and its [use of color] is very pretty.”

What is your favorite season and why?
“I love winter because I associate it with happy memories and a feeling of [closeness] with the family. [During the holidays, my relatives and I] come together and celebrate.”

Anett Pajuelo (11)
Does your family usually have holiday traditions?
“I am Peruvian, so we celebrate Noche Buena [by] waiting until 12 am [on Christmas day] to open presents with family and friends.”

What do you associate the winter season with?
“I associate it with getting together with family for Christmas and spending time with the people that I care about [the most].”

Has COVID-19 changed any of your winter plans?
“[It did because] I was planning to go to Peru during winter this year. But because of COVID-19, I am not [able to] travel [there].”

What is your biggest wish this holiday season?
“My biggest wish would be to make sure that my family in Peru is okay because [the virus] hit very hard [in their country], and I hope that they are [safe].”

What is your favorite Christmas song and why?
“My favorite Christmas song is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Christina Aguilera because it [manages to] touch on the family aspect [of Christmas. It shows that] even through hard times, the holidays can bring the family together.”

Aaron Hou (10)
What do you always do during the winter season?
“[During this time], I set up decorations around the house with my family and listen to Christmas music to get into the [holiday] spirit.”

Who are you celebrating the holidays with?
“I usually [celebrate with all] my [relatives,] but because of [COVID-19, I am just going to be spending time with my immediate family].”

Are you planning on going anywhere this winter break?
“I do not think we are [going anywhere else] because of the virus, but we might go and see some lights.”

What makes this year’s winter season different from before?
“Because of [COVID-19, we cannot do a lot of the] things [that we could do before, such as] seeing friends during the holidays. It is [really disheartening,] but we will get over it.”

Hot or cold weather? Why?
“I prefer cold weather because it is much easier to get warmer. I can [simply layer by] wearing more clothes, and it is more comfortable when I am in bed [wrapped in] blankets.”

Samantha Din (10)
Are you planning to go on vacation this December?
“[I am planning to just] stay at home because of the pandemic.”

What do you usually do during this time of year?
“My family would go to the Christmas Fairs in amusement parks [to take pictures in front of the] Christmas decorations.”

Have you ever seen snow in real life? How was it like?
“It is [an interesting experience] because [it does not snow where I live] and I miss [seeing] it because [it has been a year since we went to] the mountains.”

Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
“[I] definitely [did, but I] stopped when I reached middle school.”

What is your favorite beverage to drink during the winter season?
“I love hot chocolate because it is really comforting, especially during the cold [months].”

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