Why sleep deprivation isn’t it

  Staying up late is something that everyone has done at least once. Whether it be because of a family party, working on homework, or to play games. But is staying up late really worth doing?

  At first, you might think that staying up late to get a little more time out of your day is no big deal., but it can have a few different effects on your body. According to an article from Health, some of the biggest reasons not to stay up is because it can lead to adverse effects such as depression, poor mood, high blood pressure, lack of energy, possible weight gain, And of course, sleep deprivation.

  And this problem is a lot more common than you might think. Even here at our school, the Student Senate Time Management Committee  specifically helps teens manage their time better, which helps students to get their full nine to eight hours of sleep.

  A root cause of staying up so late could be poor time management. If you have a poor work-life balance you might not use your time effectively or let your work consume too much of your time. Nobody wants to work all the time! That reason alone is the reason the student senate created their time management focus group to help promote a better work-life balance. If you are struggling with sleep, this could be a possible solution.

  There are also lots of mental downsides to not getting enough sleep such as the depression above and poor mood, but being exhausted from repeated all-nighters can take a big toll on your mind. You could begin to see things, hear things, or lack the energy to get up out of bed. For students, this could be especially bad when considering how much we have to bear when it comes to work, classes, extracurriculars or sports, and whatever personal errands you might need to take care of. 

  Staying up late by itself might not be the worst thing in the world, according to Radicesleep, having a different sleep cycle could mean you are a night owl. Supposedly, people who sleep late into the night are more creative, have better reasoning, and more mental strength.

  But make sure not to get it twisted. Going to bed late and staying up late are two different things. When you stay up late, you actively ignore your body’s clock telling you to sleep to get some more time. When you go to bed late it just means that the time you rest and rise is different than most, and it could lead to you staying up later into the night.

  In the end, we all sleep one way or another. So make sure to stay rested wildcats!


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