Why Can’t Everyone find their Foundation Shade

The beauty community has a variety of different types of people. It is full of those who love art and find who they are through the use of makeup. It would definitely be a huge shocker to know that not every brand offers everyone’s foundation shade. So, it leads us to wonder why such big brands do not offer foundation shades for people with much darker complexions, than the ones that are available. Not just darker complexions, but very fair ones as well. Although there are many brands that offer a wide variety of shades, that doesn’t always mean they are the best or advocate towards everyones skin type. Not only is it just foundations, but also blushes, highlighters, etc. can’t always work well with darker complexions. Making it hard for people to find what colors work with their skin best. Just recently many brands like Fenty, Huda Beauty, and many brands created by celebrities like Lady Gaga’s brand Haus Labs have just started to release a wide variety of shades. This is great considering that for years darker shades weren’t offered to those with darker complexions. Although it may be difficult for the general public to get a hand on these products because of their high prices. What can you expect from a good quality foundation? It was amazing to see when Rihanna released her makeup line having up to 40 shades of foundation and many other products that worked well with all skin colors. She is one of the makeup distributors that was able to recognize the struggle many had with finding a shade for them. Just after releasing her 40 shades, many other brands were racing to do the same seeing Fenty as a big competitor. Fenty Beauty was just the beginning of diversity in makeup. But just because her shade range was inclusive doesn’t mean everyone can get their hands on the $40 products.Rihanna spoke to Time magazine about the creation of the 40 shades for her foundation release, and why it is important to have a variety of shades in makeup.“It was also important that every woman felt included in this brand. We are all so different.” said Rihanna, “We started with the 40 foundation shades out the gate.”Thankfully drug store makeup brands have been a little ahead of the game. With many brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline carrying about 40 shades each, and being accessible to everyone for their affordable prices. Makeup brands like these make it easier for everyone to have the ability to do their makeup with it not costing so much. This still doesn’t give us the answer as to why barely a handful of makeup brands offer a wide range of shades. It should not be hard for brands to create more diversity in their shades. Isn’t makeup for everyone? Many brands only seem to create more shades just to get out of backlash from those who find it to be a struggle to find shades for their skin shade. Many brands only offer light, tan, and dark shades after receiving backlash, but how does that fix anything? People are still struggling. Brands should not release just a couple shades, and then say they can always release more later. Everyone deserves to find what works for them. It seems that certain brands only care about the money a product brings in rather than the quality or inclusivity. Could it be about the beauty standards that only benefit those with light skin? The beauty standards have always been advocated for those with lighter complexions. This can definitely feed into why it is so hard for women with darker complexions to find shades for them. Why are brands still this way especially in a time where we are trying to include everyone. Everyone deserves to have access to makeup no matter their skin color. Hopefully soon brands will start focusing on the people rather than the money and publicity.

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