Why birthdays need a new song

  If you have ever turned a year older then people have probably sung ‘Happy Birthday To You’ in front of a small crowd of friends and family.

  The song is dated but seems like too much of a safe bet to replace. The song should be replaced by something that feels appropriate for a party. 

  The song which we all know as ‘The Happy Birthday’ song was written in 1893 by sisters Mildred and Patty Smith Hill. At the time that it was created, it was released in a book called ‘Song Stories for Kindergarten’ and was titled ‘Good Morning to All.’

  There is no known record of a song being sung during a birthday prior to the ‘happy birthday’ song. Over time the song would have its lyrics altered slightly and eventually would become what we sing today. The first instance of the song having lyrics mentioning a birthday would be in 1912. This version of the song was published in a songbook by Robert Coleman in 1924. 

  Birthdays were only ever celebrated for powerful religious figures and would slowly move toward celebrating the ‘common man.’ 

  Surprisingly enough, the song was copyrighted and was illegal to sing in public areas without paying a hefty fine. In 2015 a U.S. federal judge found the copyright held no place as ‘no one has ever claimed to own the copyright’ and so, the song was placed in the public domain. Warner had reported that they would make around two million dollars annually from the song.

  Despite this, the song has reached worldwide recognition and has been translated into, at least, 18 different languages.

  Even still, the song feels dated and can kill the vibe of a party. It fails to capture the right feeling for a party and it can really put a damper on the excitement that was generating with your loved ones. 

  There are lots of other alternatives that perfectly encapsulate the feeling of a party. “Birthday” by the Beatles, “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder, “Birthday” by Katy Perry and lots of others. The number of songs that are made for or with the theming of birthdays is far from scarce. 

  Such a simple song has a surprisingly long and interesting history as well as an uncertain future with lots of other songs themed around birthdays being in high supply. There is very little doubt that another song could ever take the place of such an easy-to-learn and sing song.

  ‘Happy Birthday to You’ is close to the hearts of many. The song is slow but lets you sink in the feeling of getting older with your loved ones around you. Although the tune can feel awkward at times when your turn to be sung to comes. This tune never fails to make you feel love from your family and friends. Perhaps it would be better to leave well enough alone in place of over-complicating the matter.

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