Why award shows need to change

  The Game Awards are the Oscars for young gamers. 

  The Game Awards has lots of different categories that are very diverse and can bring something for everyone to look forward to watching. The show also includes lots of upcoming trailers and announcements. This could range to in-game events, limited edition items, and movie/game trailers.

 Award shows in modern times must be improved. Oftentimes they appeal to the desire for validation through the recognition of something we enjoy. 

   Having only been around since 2014 (The Game Awards, not me) the event is still relatively new. It started gaining some more traction in recent years and some companies use their nominations and wins to promote their games.

  More often than not when I see what movies are nominated and even win best animated, they are kids movies. The kind of movies they can take their hyperactive elementary schooler and have them sit down for once so they can fall asleep in the back of the theater. 

  The western lens for older producers is usually that animated movies are for kids, and that they lack the ability to tell meaningful stories. Despite this, the most well-known animated movies for both kids and adults are usually from Japanese film industry giant Studio Ghibli. 

  Studio Ghibli productions cover an impressive range of themes and topics: They make movies about the harmony between industry and nature, a kid finding a goldfish, or a man dreaming to create beautiful airplanes near the time of World War 2. These stories tell deep and heartfelt messages. Another great example is movies that came out recently. The two Spider-Verse movies. These are among some of the most innovative movies in terms of art, animation, music, score, and storytelling. Recapping the plot is useless because chances are literally everyone who will be reading this has seen it. Should it be nominated for best animated feature, it will most definitely win (In a landslide). 

  Award shows should go a mix of both the Oscars and the Game awards. For the Oscars it feels pretty standard and casual, you vote, you might win. For the Game Awards I see massive campaigns from certain fanbases to push a game to win as much as possible. I think they need some form of a jury to place a large amount of votes on one movie, but at the same time make the public voting hefty enough to be a sort of trump card. Obviously a system like this would take some ironing out to get right but I think it could help to make the winners feel more accurate.

  As 2023’s Game Awards is set to go on Dec. 7, more award shows should look to Game Awards for improvement on how to find new creativity.


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