When does the use of tech becomes too much, and is that a really bad thing?

Our technology has gotten increasingly advanced as the years go by. We have cell phones for communication and even robots to do our chores, but have we gotten too dependent on technology? 

So, what does it mean to be addicted?

For example, smartphone addiction involves the overuse of mobile devices, usually quantified as the number of times users access their devices or the total amount of time they are online over a specified period of time. Our society today have gotten so used to relying on the many different techs that we are unable to break free of our addiction to technology. 

Thing about, when do we not use tech in our lives? It pays bills, allows you to make purchases instantly, and allows you to contact your friends and families with ease. 

However, even though technology has made all of our lives easier, it comes at a cost. According to a scholarly journal published by the National Library of Medicine, 6.3% of the overall population is addicted to their smartphones. Moreover, another study showed that using your devices too much can have harmful effects on your body. From personal experience, and from what my friends have told me, the over use of tech can definately damage your body. Your eyes get worse, you get headaches and much more. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, too much screen time can cause changes to the brain and affect brain development.

Addiction to technology also affects our society, because students will be distracted by their phones affecting their ability to learn and innovate. Another well-known danger of addiction to devices is car accidents. According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, crash risk becomes 2 to 3 times greater when drivers are distracted by cell phone usage, contributing to the 3522 fatalities which were caused by distracted driving.

 Phones and social media are designed to make people bring people together, but it has done the exact opposite. When you go out with friends, you will mostly be staring at a screen, when you have free time, you will most likely be staring at a screen instead of really enjoying the experiences that you share with the people around you. 

Unfortunately, even though the dangers of our addiction to technology are very harmful, most people do not really care enough to do anything about it — for that overdominance of technology in our lives has become the norm that we are indifferent to. 

We need to stop relying on our technology and look at the benefits that we can get from taking breaks from the tech world. Taking breaks and enjoy the outside world can reduce stress and anxiety. It allows us to disconnect from the cosntant stress that social media and other devices bring and engage in with the outside world to promote social interaction.

In conclusion, in their era where tech is the way of life, we need to learn to strike a balance between the value that technology brings to our lives, and when it becomes a hazard. We need to spend less time on the screen, reclaiming the joy that we get when looking at beautiful sunsets, the genuine connection that we foster with friends beyond a screen.


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