What is your New Year’s resolution?

Joshua Susanto (12)

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend a lot more time with my friends and family because I will be going away to college soon.”

Sally Pan (11)

 “My New Year’s resolution is to focus more on myself, work on improving certain aspects of my life and not let others’ opinions validate my worth.”

Slade Mendoza (10)

 “My New Year’s resolution is to save money because it is a great habit to start early and I often catch myself spending a little too much.”

What is a global crisis our world needs to really work on in 2020?

Edmond Chu (11)

 “Gun violence, because that is one of the biggest reasons why death rates are going higher. Children are dying [at the hands of] people who can buy guns wherever and whenever they want, and we need to change that. We should not have to worry about dying in an environment that was created to be safe.”

Kiani Jimenez (10)

 “Everyone needs to work on being more open-minded and respectful when it comes to hearing other’s opinions, whether it applies to religion, politics or just general morals. There is nothing wrong with sharing and elaborating on what you believe in, but it is never okay to make someone feel ashamed of their opinion. Right now, our world is greatly divided, and unfortunately, there are people living in constant fear of having certain morals/principles. We will never move forward without learning to have respect for one another.”

Katie Tao (9)

 “A global crisis our world needs to really work on in 2020 is global climate change. Although this topic was controversial in 2019, I feel like there was not much done to change it. The Australian bush fires and Amazon rainforest wildfires are examples of that.”

What is a mistake you made in 2019 that you do not want to remake in 2020?

Ethan Kousaveth (12)

 “Last year I was a lot more passive and ignored things that I was [unsatisfied with,] but this year I plan to be more assertive and be able to voice my opinions.”

Rachel Yang (11)

 “A mistake I made in 2019 was procrastinating a lot when it came to homework. In 2020 I want to be a lot more productive [with the time I have] and stop wasting time on useless tasks.”

Benjamin Xie (10)

 “A mistake I made in 2019 was not spending enough time studying for my standardized tests. For example, I did not [spend a lot of time preparing for the PSAT,] but now I realize how important those tests are, and how much more effort I need to put into the preparation.”

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Annabelle Kim (12)

“I am really looking forward to spending the rest of my time in high school with my friends, as well as my boyfriend at prom and graduation. I want to have a lot of fun and be able to achieve my goals in 2020 as a senior who is soon to be in college.”

Taiyo Aiozawa (11)

 “In 2020, I am looking forward to becoming a senior. It is very sad that it would be my last year in high school, but I would just be glad that junior year is over. I am just excited to spend my last year of high school with my friends, tennis team, and the ASB family!”

Aaron Hou (9)

 “I am looking forward to starting off 2020 strong. I want to meet new people and make more friends that are not necessarily in my year. I hope to have a great season for basketball and try to make it to varsity the following year. Most of all, I am looking forward to having fun and making the most out of my high school years.”


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