Wellness Wednesday provides a safe space for students

Wilson counselors hosted Wellness Wednesday to support students during online learning on Nov. 4.

The event took place virtually on Zoom to help create a forum for students to collaborate and share their advice regarding health and wellness during the pandemic.

According to student counselor Nancy Valenzuela, Wellness Wednesday helps students feel comfortable by producing a supportive environment.

“By providing a place where students can share as much information as they feel comfortable sharing with the topics at hand creates a safe space for Wilson,” Valenzuela said. “This optional meeting allows flexibility and support to connect and chat with others. We want to encourage students to help one another by sharing their personal experiences of strength and health.”

Additionally, Valenzuela believes it is helping bring awareness to students’ health.

“Wellness Wednesday is designed to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and a well-balanced lifestyle,” Valenzula said. “It is about the shared experience of all those that participate. If it helps even one person, then to us, that is a success.”

On the other hand, junior Cynthia Wen believes that while Wellness Wednesday can benefit some students, the event may suit all individuals.

“[Wellness Wednesday] is helpful because it gives people a platform to talk about their struggles and get advice from peers,” Wen said. “But it is not an event I would attend because publicly sharing my struggles is not for me and it is not for everyone. Some people prefer confiding in close friends or family, and that is fine as long as they have someone to talk to.”

The next Wellness Wednesday will be held on Nov. 18.


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