Well-Rounded Student Reaches His Peak of Success

Integrity, accountability and confidence; these are just a few of the many qualities a good leader must possess. Unsurprisingly, senior Edmond Chu embodies these traits in all of his endeavors.

Not only is he the senior class president of the Associated Student Body (ASB), but he is also the captain of the school’s water polo and mock trial teams, the treasurer of Key Club and the co-founder and vice president of Make-A-Wish.

Chu initially took interest in sports due to his passion for swimming, and the belief that participating in the sport would help with his asthma. Paired with the fact that his friends were also in these clubs, Chu joined both the school’s swim and water polo teams, later becoming the captain of both teams.

During his sophomore year, he was inspired to create the Make-A-Wish club with his friend, Nyah Zhang. He wanted to fundraise money for those who were less fortunate and did not have access to enough resources.

“During sophomore year, [I wanted] to create a club to raise money for the less fortunate,” Chu said. “Last year, our goal was to help one of the students in Best Buddies by getting them a gift, but [it did not get to happen due to the suspension of classes.].”

Through the creation of Make-A-Wish, he learned an important life lesson: to never take things for granted.

“Being [given the opportunity] to [participate in community service] has opened my eyes to the privilege I possess. [I have learned that] there are far less fortunate people than me who do not have access to [a proper education].

This year, he is planning for the club to donate money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as they get situated and find new ways to operate in an online environment.

His passion for giving back to the community also led him to join other clubs aimed at making a difference both inside and outside the campus. These include Key Club and ASB, where he does community service and leads his fellow students.

Becoming this year’s senior class president was one of his proudest achievements, as it is a highly coveted spot. To be granted the opportunity to be given the position is truly an honor and a privilege for him.

When asked about what makes an effective senior class president, Chu emphasizes that it takes strong communication skills.

“[A class president should] not be afraid to approach people and take criticism,” Chu said. “[They should be able to] be a good communicator and facilitator [especially during these times] because the pandemic causes [the students] to feel less close. [It is their duty to] find a way to get everyone on the same page [and be informed] about school affairs.”

His duties in ASB include managing the school’s PR-related affairs such as posting on the Glen A. Wilson Instagram and creating the videos shown during the Monday morning announcements.

Chu also regularly participates in mock trial competitions and he says that the most valuable thing he had learned from these experiences was new knowledge in the field of law all while improving his declaration skills.

“I want to become a lawyer [in the future],” Chu said. “Participating in these competitions helped me [improve upon my] public speaking [skills] and [learn more about how the judicial system works]. I have been competing [ever since I was a freshman] and [every year], we have made it to the second round of the competition.”

Taking part in this many extracurricular activities might seem like a daunting task, but Chu states that it is not necessarily hard if you know your priorities and set them straight.

“I prioritize [the things that] mean most to me; [tasks that I] want to be more involved in.” Chu said. “Make sure you are passionate about what [clubs] you [choose] because if [you] just [join] for college applications or to [show off], then there is no point. You need to care [about the cause] in order to truly make an impact.”

Chu did not accomplish all of these feats on his own, though. He owes a great deal of his successes to Mrs. Branconier-Habash and his friends who have been there for him since middle school.

“Mrs. Branconier-Habash showed support by being there for me when I needed her,” Chu stated. “The people who have been with me since middle school [have also helped me grow by] taking me out of my comfort zone and [making] my life better through [the experiences I have endured with] them.”

Despite having financial issues and family struggles, it brings him great joy to have the opportunity to provide help to his community through the clubs he is active in.

“[Although I faced] family struggles, [participating in these] clubs brings me joy because it [allows me] to help [the] community [with my friends]” Chu said. “Feeding the homeless and [holding] events [that benefit] the community makes me happy.”

Chu is planning to pursue a degree in the field of law or science in college.

“Hopefully in five years, I will have graduated college and [am] on my way to a graduate school, [whether it be] law or medical school.”

Wherever the future may lead him, there is no denying that Edmond Chu is an exemplar who serves as a model to his fellow students, showing that dedication and perseverance can lead you to great achievements.

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