Welcome Malibu Barbie

Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon welcomed their newborn baby, Malibu Barbie Paytas Hacmon, on Sept, 14 2022. 

Trisha Paytas is a famous Youtuber who does a variety of videos like mukbangs, music videos, and lifestyle videos. She met her husband, Moses Hacmon, through her old podcast partner Ethan Klein.

Paytas has expressed her desire to start a family but has struggled with infertility issues.  She explained in her 2016 youtube video “Why I can’t have children storytime” how her doctor told her that her chances of having children were very low due to her damaged ovaries. You could imagine the sadness this brought to Paytas with her hopes of being a mother crushed. 

“It’s very sad to me because I always thought even if I never got married, I always thought I could have a sperm donor or something to have my own child.” Trisha explains in her YouTube video “Why I can’t have children storytime”.

It then came as a surprise Paytas announced her pregnancy to Youtube on Feb, 16 2022. In the video she is sitting in her restroom filled with excitement, crying and shaking looking at the positive test. 

Trisha explained in her “finding out I’m pregnant”  youtube video her joy for this new adventure.

“This was after years of my own infertility. My husband and I have been trying/testing every month since Oct. 2022. After a year, I started just taking tests by myself because it was always disappointing.” 

After her Youtube video, Paytas began documenting her pregnancy progress on Tik Tok with her “bumpdates”. From showing the baby kicking to vlogging her baby shopping, Paytas was ecstatic through her whole pregnancy. On April 9th, Paytas posted a gender reveal video , revealing she was having a baby girl! She celebrated the occasion with lots of friends and family to congratulate her and Moses.

On the day of Queen Elizabeth’s II death on Sept 8, a wild rumor began circulating on social media claiming that Paytas had given birth to her baby. Fans began ridiculing Paytas, claiming that her baby was the reincarnation of the princess, causing this topic to trend number one on Twitter.   Paytas had to post a TikTok to clarify the rumors and explain that she was still pregnant and express her distaste for the joke about Queen Elizabeth. Storytime: I did not rebirth the Queen of England, to explain the situation to her fans. 

“Obviously you guys would know if I was going into labor and all that stuff. I still don’t really get the correlation between the two, but I did not have my baby and there is no reincarnation between the queen and my baby.” 

Paytas her beautiful baby girl on Sept 14th, 2022. She went onto Instagram to express the joy she felt when finally getting to hold her baby girl. She did explain how her labor was a little scary, but overall she explained it as the happiest moment she had ever felt. She was surrounded by helpful nurses and her husband Moses Hacmon. 

“The minute they announced her time of life, was the happiest moment I’ve ever felt. She is a miracle and a true gift from God and I’m so forever grateful for the magic of the universe. This is truly a special kind of love I never felt before our precious Malibu.” Paytas says

Paytas and Hacmon have now begun a new journey of their lives, alongside their beautiful girl, Malibu Barbie.

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