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WAM emerges as champions of West Coast Elite

Provided by Amy Wang

 The Wilson Dance Company recently competed in West Coast Elite (WCE) at Esperanza HS on Feb. 10.

 WCE is a preliminary competition that provides participating teams recommendations on which rank they should compete in WCE Nationals. The team competed in nine categories and placed first in All Male, third in Small Jazz, fourth in Pom and fourth in Large Jazz.         

 All Male coach Danny Vela says that remembering the choreography played an important role in the team’s success.

 “It is very important in the competitive scene to have unison in all of the choreography, or else the smallest error will make the [dance] look off,” Vela says. “[Fortunately], All Male had this, which [ultimately] led to their victory.”

 Despite their win, All Male co-captain senior Alvin Nguyen says that the team will focus on improving their routine.

 “We cannot be content with one first place trophy; we must focus on striving to win everytime.” Nguyen said. “Our performance was not perfect, so [going forward], we will keep on grinding at our practices and fix our mistakes.”

 Pom captain senior Kelly Huang says that her team did not do well because they felt anxious before performing.  

 “I [felt] confident in the team, because we had a lot of practice [during] the week of competition,” Huang said. “[However], we felt really nervous before performing, and it caused us to mess up on a lot of the sections.”

 The Wilson Dance Company’s next competition will be at Claremont High School’s Festival of Champions on Feb. 24.

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