Volume 56 Senior Goodbyes

Arianna Carlos, Co-Editor-in-Chief, University of San Diego ‘28

Writing has always been the outlet by which my thoughts and deepest revelations can be warmly embraced by my notes app, Google Docs, journals, scraps of paper in my memory box, and now, Paw Prints Weekly. This publication gave me the opportunity to intricately weave my own experiences and thoughts and ideas from my favorite authors and newspapers into articles that feature students, campus life, or explore worldwide pressing issues today. 

Although I intended to join PPW since freshman year (but was left on delivered by the PPW Instagram until spring of sophomore year), this newspaper undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my high school experience in just two years. Interviewing upperclassmen superstars that I looked up to gave me new friendly faces in the halls, and handing out newspapers allowed me to approach students I had never met with confidence and warmth. I hope that this program continues to do so for students entering after me—and that they learn of their power in their words and speech. 

Leading this program has taught me how to be empathetic and encouraging, always maintaining a positive attitude so that we can be reminded of why we joined the publication in the first place. From not placing in any competition my first year to placing 3rd in Editorial at ELAJEA and 4th in Editorial at SCJEA, improvements in my writing and drafting skills credited to PPW helped me gain assurance and confidence as I move onto college. 

Halo Kwok, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Duke University ‘28

This is it: it’s finally over. Four years of cramming for 

 classes, stressing about extracurriculars, and bonding with friends have led to this very moment, and it is hard for me to put into perspective the tremendous amount of growth that both me and this program underwent. If I could go back in time to tell Freshman me that I’d get this far in such a short stretch of time, I would have never believed it.

Journalism truly shaped my high school experience for the better, and I am forever grateful to have been able to serve such a talented group of students. I met people here who  completely transformed my perception of the world, and I learned valuable lessons that will undoubtedly aid in my future pursuits. To the previous Co-Editor-In-Chiefs Carol, Rani, Renee, and Angela, I will never forget you all. You guys laid down the foundations of what it means to be a great leader, and your collective mentorship is what successfully prepared me to take on the role of leading Volume 56. To my editors Skylar, Kira, Abigail, Allen, Angela, Miya and Rachel, thank you for dealing with my nitpicky attitude and for meeting my every demand (they were always in good faith, trust).  To the hardworking staff writers and artists, I want to make it clear that your hard work never goes unnoticed. I appreciate each and every one of you, and just know that your efforts are what this program thrives upon. To Ms. Robles, thank you for making Paw Prints possible and for being an awesome advisor all around. Lastly, to my fellow Co-Editor-In-Chief, Arianna, I am glad to have led this program alongside you. Your passion for Paw Prints Weekly really shined through, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and companion.

Although saying goodbye is bittersweet, I can at least do so knowing that I am fully prepared to tackle my next chapter in life at Duke University. There, I plan on majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and potentially minoring in Saxophone Performance. Once again, I had a pleasure serving everyone, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you all.

Go Blue Devils!

Anderson Sheu, Artist, NYU ‘28

     Art has always been a little hobby of mine, so to have the chance to be able to turn this pastime into something that other people read, see, and enjoy was a dream come true. Working with Paw Prints Weekly gave me the chance to sharpen my skills and met all kinds of people. The opportunity that Paw Prints Weekly presented was unparalleled, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

     This program really pushed me beyond my limits and got me to see art from different angles. I’m eternally thankful for this program and all the wonderful people I’ve been able to meet and work with.

Bennett Rodriguez, Staff Write(mid)

I joined Journalism because a friend of mine said that they had a lot of empty space, not a lot of work, and a cool teacher. Me trying to get out of precalc thought this was a steal. I’m so glad I ended up joining her class. I had my friend, a chill class, a cool teacher, and I got to write about stuff I liked! It was so fun being here this year and it helped me learn to better express my thoughts and the editors eventually got the writing pyramid into my thick skull. It was amazing being in this class and if you’re considering joining you should definitely take the time to apply! Thank you Ms. Robles for letting me enjoy this class with you and all the other students.

Allen Feng, Entertainment editor

I first joined journalism because I did not select my elective on time, which put me in paw prints weekly. Even though I didn’t mean to join the program at the start, over the three years I have been here, it has been a real pleasure working with all the staff and editors here.  I enjoyed writing different articles for people to see, and it was always fun hanging out with the members in paw prints. I learned a lot from this program, like how to format and structure an article, how to write an interesting intro, and most importantly time management. I am thankful for all the amazing people that I met in this program, as well as our wonderful advisor Ms.Robles for providing me with this amazing opportunity over my high school journey here. Vol 56 has been an incredible journey, and I know the next vol will be even better, good luck to you guys!!!!!( I am going to Mt sac and hopefully transfer to a good UC)

Abigail Xie, Online Editor, ArtCenter College of Design ‘28 

It’s been amazing to see how everyone in Paw Prints Weekly has grown over the past two years. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with talented writers and artists alike. Each week, everyone contributed so many wonderful ideas, and helped inform the Glen A. Wilson community of ongoing events. In both art and writing, our staff members helped to reflect the student culture in a variety of topics, which I have been incredibly proud to witness.

Being in Paw Prints Weekly has helped me grow so much in terms of being an artist, and responsibilities in and outside of school. From communicating with staff members how they wanted to go big and bold in their articles, to ensuring the website would look and feel the best it can, I feel that it has helped prepare me for real-world situations in all circumstances. Seeing the hard work and effort, as well as the positive spirits when things go a little haywire, gives me great confidence in the future of Paw Prints Weekly. Our organization will go on to do so many great things, adding to the long list of accomplishments and achievements we already hold. Thanks to our strong relentless spirit, the guidance of Ms. Robles, and the talent in each and every staff member, success is always in grasp.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have been accepted to ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, as part of class of 2028. I have many, many thanks to all the people that have had to listen to my yapping, given me advice in all aspects of life, and have supported me when I stumbled. I look forward to furthering my creative future, as well as connecting with new opportunities!

Angela Tsang, Photographer, Cal Poly Pomona ‘28 

First and foremost, I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities provided to me by this program. I have gained so much experience with different writing styles, different writing topics, writing with a deadline, as well as taken a greater interest in news and politics, something I never would have had the courage to do on my own. I am thankful for all my past editors and EICS, Angela and Halo, as well as the current ones, Halo and Arianna, for curating a positive yet rigid learning environment for me to learn news writing from scratch, despite all my crusty articles and very, very late deadlines. 

On top of that, this program has given me the motivation to learn photography as well, something I had originally put off as a side hobby for a long time. The experience of being in the front row of a performance or concert, and on the sidelines of a game is unparalleled to any other, and it inspired me to continually improve my work. 

I thank Aya for teaching me the basics of photography and helping me edit and give advice, Vol 56. EICs Halo and Arianna for their patience, every artist who has drawn for me this year including Miya, Anyi, Abigail; Skylar, who has always seen the best in my writing even when I think otherwise, Anderson, who though has never drawn for my articles, continues to churn out the most cursed creations known to mankind, and lastly, Mrs. Robles, for never giving up on me. Thank you for the wonderful memories in this program, and I hope you’ll do great things with it next year. 

Miya Vuksic, Visuals Editor/Artist, UC Santa Cruz ‘28

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s already time to go. I remember that I had first seen the PPW advertisement video on announcements and wanted to join initially, but didn’t have time to submit an application. I suppose me joining journalism was meant to be, because later that same year I was approached by Ms. Robles during English class, and asked to fill out an application to join the team based on my art. I never regretted anything and would do it all again if I could. 

Journalism allowed me to further expand my artistic abilities while also working with and meeting new people. I loved that I was able to work on pieces that were beyond my initial comfort zone, and in doing so I would be able to expand and improve my art style. The variety of different articles, from editorial to entertainment, allowed me to consistently diversify my skills. When I look back on my first piece to my final one, the difference is outstanding, and truly a representation of how far I’ve come thanks to this program. 

I’m so thankful for everyone I’ve met in this class as well as our advisor, Ms. Robles. I will miss everyone that I drew for and interacted with. Thank you to everyone on the Paw Prints Weekly team for the amazing memories and laughs that we’ve shared. I know that this program will continue to do amazing things in the upcoming year.


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