Volleyball suffers a loss to Northview HS


  On Monday, Sep. 16, girls’ volleyball lost against Northview HS with a score of 0-3.

  According to captain Nicole Lee (11), bringing positivity to the game influenced the team’s performance on the court.

  “It is always good to have a positive mindset because any amount of negativity can cause a domino effect to your teammates,” Lee said.

   In addition, co-captain Imani Lee (10) believes that there is room for improvement.

  “We are learning on how to improve our [skills] by focusing on [different kinds of passes],” Lee said. “Sometimes our passes are off during games and it is [difficult to rebound.]”

  Furthermore, defense specialist Delaney Rendon (10) trusts that the team’s bond guides them through every match. 

   “The team worked together throughout the game [and] I felt a connection with my teammates on the court,” Rendon said. “We kept the energy up which [also] helped us carry through [the game] no matter what the score is.”

  Volleyball’s next game will take place on Monday, Sep. 23 against Baldwin Park HS. 

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